Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bailey Leaves

Alas, the star of my blog, the love of my life, has been shipped off to the Guatemala MTC this evening.  He will be there for six weeks as he learns the Spanish language and how to teach the gospel, and then will head to El Salvador for the rest of his 24 month mission.

We thought that we had until Wednesday to take him to the airport, but then we got the itinerary a couple of days ago and were informed that he would actually be leaving at 8:30 this evening.  I was really sad about the hours that cut off of our time together, but I realized that it's okay because he'd be set apart Tuesday evening either way so he'd be a missionary and not mine anymore regardless.

It was a sad goodbye, but very touching.  His whole family came to his house to see him be set apart, and we all just cried and cried.  His mom, his grandma, Wace, and I then drove Bailey up to the airport where we each got to hug him one last time before we see him again in two years.

I'm really going to miss Bailey.  I know that the next few weeks are going to be really hard, but I hope that the time goes quickly between now and when I'll see Bailey again.  I know that once I get out on my mission I'll probably be fine and that time will fly, but because of my mission it will be about two and a half years before we see each other again.

It was hard to see him go, and it has been a hard month preparing for his mission when we knew it would be so much easier on both of us for him just to stay home.  But I'm proud of him for making the decision that he did, and I know that he will be blessed for it.  I know that there are people out there who are waiting for exactly him to change their lives.  Two years apart is a big sacrifice, but when you think of eternity, two years is nothing.  Not to say serving a mission is a small thing - it is really a huge deal, but it is the least we could do for a God who has given us everything.  Plus, the gospel has brought so much joy into our lives, what could be more exciting than bringing the joy of the gospel to others?!

So yeah.  Bailey is gone for a little while and my blog is about to get a lot less handsome, but soon enough Bailey and I will be adventuring together again.

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