Friday, August 28, 2015

Donut Falls

Sarah is moving to Alaska next month, so we have to shove as much Utah down her throat as we can in these next couple of weeks!

Alaska sounds so beautiful, and I'm excited for Sarah (and excited to visit her!), but there's nothing quite like Utah's mountains.  So we decided to head up Big Cottonwood Canyon to check out a trail that's been suggested to us!

Wow - Big Cottonwood Canyon is gorgeous!  I'm pretty sure I've never been up there during the summer, and it was quite a sight to see.  It is amazing how different each canyon is, and this one was so different than American Fork Canyon (my usual).  It was so fun to drive through, and luckily we did find the trail that we sought!

Yup, we hiked Donut Falls!  I've heard great things about this trail from multiple people, but have never hiked it because of how short it would be.  And yes, the trail is a quick one, but it is still worth seeing!  I love waterfalls!

There were a jillion people there so we didn't stay long.  Just enough to accidentally get our shoes wet and get some pictures!

Practicing his missionary handshake.

I don't have much more to say except for that, once again, it was gorgeous.  Utah will always be the most beautiful place to me, and I'm grateful for the ability to explore it with good friends!

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