Saturday, August 8, 2015

Favorites of the Past 2 Weeks

Bailey and I made the prettiest pie!  We were quite proud of it, and it tasted quite delicious.

We were at the witch doctor's when all of a sudden, Donny Osmond walked in!  What a treat!  So obviously I took a picture of his back.

Seiji has spent years creating a game that he calls "Next".  He's had us over a couple of nights to play, and it is super fun!

Bailey's brother lives in Texas but wanted to get Bailey a treat after he got his surgery.  So an edible arrangement was delivered to his door!  It was really pretty and quite delicious.

I told Bailey I wanted to learn how to make something with wood.  He is so talented in that area.  His chickens kept us company while we built!

He helped me build this little planter box!  Isn't it the cutest thing?!  He planted a tiny little cactus in it for me.

Bailey took me shooting.  I do love shooting, and I love watching Bailey shoot.  Plus, these two are very entertaining to hang out with!

Bailey's family is so cute and supportive!  After the great news was received that Bailey's lumps were nothing to be concerned about, his sister threw him a surprise party with delicious food and lots of glitter.

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