Saturday, August 29, 2015

Favorites Of The Week

Kylie and I have been feeling particularly crafty as of late.  Our newest hobby is embroidery!  I quite like the sport, and whipped out this cute portrait of Bailey and I.  Awhh.

We also had a sewing night, but instead of sewing I crafted this sweet rug out of my old t-shirts because I don't know how to throw anything away.
Okay, it's not actually sewn together yet, but I'll get to that eventually.

At work I was put to the task of chasing down the mail truck to retrieve a soggy box of live worms.  I do enjoy my job.

My dad has been leaving notes randomly around the house.  I particularly liked this piece of advice on how to spoil our Shakee boy.

What a sad, lonely temple selfie.  But not really sad at all because I love the temple and it makes me happy!  It is always so peaceful, and sometimes it is just good to go alone.

I finally heard from Bailey on Wednesday!  We didn't know when his P-day was, so I had just been religiously checking my email over and over until one day I was in the Cupbop line at school and a message from Bailey came through!  What a huge blessing it was for him to be online during my lunch break - we were able to email back and forth and I only cried a little bit.
Cupbop, rain, and hearing from Bailey.  Good mix.

You are probably dying to hear about how the handsome fellow is doing, so be sure to follow up on the blog his mom is making of all his emails!

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