Monday, August 24, 2015

My First Day at UVU

Alas, my time to officially attend Utah Valley University has come.  Today was my first day of college!

Technically I'm a Sophomore and I'm not about to let anyone forget that.  I'd be a Junior next semester, if it wasn't for one class that I tried to get into but it was filled... Of course, it being my first year of college, I'm labeled as a Freshman and am quite okay with being the youngest of all the people on campus.  The diversity of college truly brings me joy, as I'm attending classes with moms, middle aged men who finally decided to quite working at Del Taco, return missionaries, and newlywed couples.  You don't get that kind of diversity in Utah high schools.

One thing that I already love about college is the fact that the professors really seem to care about what they're teaching.  In high school, I felt like many teachers didn't make a big effort to teach because the passion for their subject just wasn't there.  Of course, there were many teachers in high school who cared a whole lot, and those are the people I learned the most from.  It would already seem to me that most of my professors are that way, so let's hope I'm proven right!

This semester I'm taking drawing, health, institute (the first half of the Book of Mormon), humanities through the arts, American history, art history, and I attend AVC lectures (a different professional artist comes and talks to us each time).  So I'm finishing up a bunch of my generals, but I have started my Art Education program!  The art I'm starting out with is unexplored territory for a photography/fashion enthusiast like myself, but I'm excited to learn it all and it will definitely help to know about various areas of art!

So yeah.  College is good stuff because I get to learn and it keeps me busy... but I don't know how I'll feel once I start getting homework!

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