Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Silver Lake

With Bailey's quickly approaching report day (he is supposed to be at the MTC next Wednesday!) it is time to start doing the things he wants to do in Utah before he's gone for two years.  That includes eating at certain restaurants, visiting certain people, and of course, hiking!  Utah mountains are like none other, so I got off work early today so we could go on one last hike together.  Well, not our last, I'm sure my future holds many more hikes with this fellow.

We hiked the Silver Lake trail in American Fork Canyon.  I've done this trail once before, back in my girls camp days.  I just remember going at a quick pace with my good friend Kenzie, since we were YCLs and had to put flags on the trail or something.  I remember that a lot of the girls had a hard time with it, but knew that 4 miles was nothing to Bailey and I and thought we could get it done in a jiffy.  Haha, I guess I didn't remember how steep and rocky it was.  It was actually pretty tiring!

We took a couple of breaks on the way up, and took a few detours to see some pretty waterfalls.

Every now and then we wondered if we were on the right trail because we were not reaching any lakes and we swore we'd been hiking for ages.  Eventually, though, we did reach the lake!  It was pretty hot outside, so we walked right into it.  The water was freezing, but it was fun to swim around!

The heat suddenly passed and rain started to pour.  We were wet and a little bit cold, but it was so pretty!  We quickly got a picture and decided we may as well head back down.

Going down took a lot longer than expected because there was a moose hanging out on the trail!  We climbed up a tree and watched it, because Bailey is a smart guy and knows that a moose can be super bad news.  Also, it was a lady moose who could get pretty angry if she thought we were threats to her and her babies.  We ended up just blazing our own trail around her to stay out of her space.  Man, blazing trails really cuts up your legs!

Eventually we did make it back down, and then got some Zaxby's on our way home.  We like that place.  And I'm going to miss Bailey.

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