Friday, August 7, 2015

Spontaneous Family Pictures

Tonight Kylie and I made a delicious meal of flank steak!  It was a big meal consisting of much steak, so we told our parents to come help us finish it off.  They came over just to visit, and my mom brought my camera so that she could get Nathan to snap a family picture of us.  I think they're kind of cute, so I thought I would share them on here.  I really do love my family!

Haha, my mom and dad showed up in white, and Kylie and Seiji were also in really light colors.  I was in deep purple!  Luckily Kylie had a shirt I could borrow to match the family.

I liked the background, so I had my mom get some shots of Bailey and I as well.  He is so handsome!  I have to get as many pictures as I can with him before he heads off on his mission in just a couple weeks.

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