Saturday, September 5, 2015

Favorites Of The Week

Eths and I finally returned our blazers to the high school!  And every other uniform that he, Bailey, and I had...  We happened to go during Club Rush, so naturally we had to get a picture!
As SkillsUSA President, Bailey thought that he could take every kind of uniform, haha.

Weird/funny notes from my dad continued.  But I do appreciate him supplying me with food!
I'm pretty sure that's not my name.

My eBay shop is open once again!  This time I'm mostly clearing out my vintage sweater collection.  Of course, there's a variety of other things being sold too!

Bailey's mom is nice and lets me hang out in Bailey's room.  Sometimes I study there, and of course I appreciate the animals I see on the way!  Hehe this goat is so cute.  It reminds me of mine and Bailey's first date, when he showed me his goats and I thought that was sweet.

Speaking of Mr. Bailey, I got to see his face!  They don't let missionaries have cameras at the Guatemala MTC, so this group shot is the first picture we've gotten.  It made me so happy!
Haha I love how you can tell exactly which missionaries have gotten haircuts at the MTC.

I got to meet some cousins that I didn't know existed!  Actually, they're my dad's cousins or something.  But they are visiting from Yokohama, Japan, and it was so fun to hang out with them!  Even though we could hardly understand each other, haha.

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