Saturday, September 12, 2015

Favorites Of The Week

Kylie and I had the glamorous opportunity to be servers for a giant doTERRA party. We took pictures, served gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free drinks, dropped umbrellas on people's toes, told people where to breast-feed, and of course, felt awkward.  But we did have a lot of fun!

A picture to sum up our evening.  To be honest, we aren't 100% sure what doTERRA is.

And, like the good housewives we are, we came home at 10pm with dinner for all the gaming boys!

It may be in my head, but I'm starting to think that maybe I'm not as bad at drawing as I thought I was!
This is based off the first picture I have of Bailey and I dating!  We were a little bit awkward at first.

I do like my friend Desmond!  We got to hang out lots this week!

Chris's birthday is tomorrow, so we got a package of art supplies sent out to him this week!  Of course, you can't send birthday presents without heartfelt, handmade cards.

He sent these out his first P Day, and they finally got here!

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