Monday, September 7, 2015

Heritage Day

I never know what to do with my life these days - I'm still not used to my best friend not being with me all day long!  Of course, I can stay as busy as I want to be with sewing, reading, or homework, but I know it is good for me to get out/have an excuse to actually get dressed in the morning.

So, with the will to actually see the sun today, my mom, aunt, grandma, and some of my cousins agreed to come check out our little city's celebration with me!  Bailey's mom was telling me about the festivities yesterday, some of which she and Lec are in charge of.  So I thought it would be fun to visit.  And our Lehi roots do go way back, so it was cool to see all the setups and think about those olden days!

The first place we went was to see the animals.  Liam and Des were so excited that Bailey's goat was there!  They were bummed that Bailey himself wasn't present (believe me, I was bummed too), but after much explaining, they now get that Bailey is "at his mission".

I was met with a sweet surprise when a bunch of Bailey's nieces found me and ran to hug me!  Those girls really are the cutest.

Of course, Liam and Des just had to ride the train!  Good old Mike (who I haven't seen since Bailey's farewell!)  was the driver, and he insisted that I ride with my BFF Des.  It was a thrilling train ride, to say the least.

I tried to sneak a selfie with Mike while he wasn't looking.  I have mixed feelings about the results.

We then went on the carriage ride where Lec helped us into the carriage!  I was loving everyone's costumes!

After we saw all that we wanted to see, we got some popcorn and cotton candy to finish off our fun times!  Lehi's Heritage Day was very enjoyable - I loved how local-feeling it was, and that everything was free haha.  And it was fun to take a step back into the past!

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