Saturday, September 19, 2015

One Month Down!

Today was a momentous day that I have much anticipated!  Bailey's one month mark!

As a missionary girlfriend, I am expected to do all sorts of cutesy things like send decorated packages to my missionary and take monthly countdown pictures with a sign with how many months are down (I prefer sweaters over signs, so that's how this happened).  I'm not much of a decorative packager, so Bailey is just going to have to handle my boring yellow envelopes filled with random things, but I will definitely take part in the countdown!  Plus, I just love a good photo prompt...

Anyway, my awesome sweater is not the focus here, but rather my awesome boyfriend who I have not seen in 31 days.  Isn't that just horrible?!  Yes.  It is.  It has been horrible to at least some degree.  The first two weeks really sucked and dragged on FOREVER (it felt like two years, not two weeks).  But guess what?!  Things got better from there, and the past two weeks/the rest of the month simply flew by with minimal breakdowns on my part.  The trick is what I suspected from the beginning - stay busy and you won't have time to be sad!  College + three jobs have really been a blessing to me.  Of course I miss Bailey like crazy, and I will for a long time, but because I know he's out there serving the Lord I'm cool with being apart.  If he was doing anything else I would definitely not be cool with it, but the Lord and his work are worth being away from my best friend.

The transition has been hard, considering Bailey and I spent every single moment together this summer.  We had grown so accustomed to being together, it has been quite the shock going from everything to nothing.  I feel like (and definitely hope that) the worst part is over, and that time will fly from here!

So yes.  Bailey has been gone for one month.  Though he wouldn't say it, I'm sure by now he's a master in the Spanish language and absolutely ready to go out and baptize people by the hundreds.  I know he's also had a tough month, but he's the toughest guy I know so nobody even needs to worry about him (but do send him your prayers!)

Thanks to my favorite sister Kylie for helping me with these pictures!  I don't know what I'm counting down to, since my mission call will reveal our fate/when we will see each other again, but this is a pretty big deal.  One month of being apart from Bailey is down... and now only 4 months until I can turn in my mission papers!

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