Monday, October 19, 2015

2 Months Down!

I can't believe how quickly this month flew by!  I swear I just posted about being down one month, and now we are at two.  And we only have two weeks left of October!  That is insane!  I feel like we just started my favorite month... but I'm okay with it being November soon because that's even closer to me leaving and really that's all I want to do right now.

Though the month flew by, it feels like FOREVER ago that Bailey left, which is really unfortunate.  Time passes so slowly, yet so quickly.  I can't quite analyze the way I feel it goes by, but I suppose there's really not a point in doing so anyway.  Time will go by as time will go by, and at this point where I'm just trying to get to the moment of leaving on my own mission, all I can do is use my time as productively as possible.

I guess it is a little bit sad that I'm totally used to being alone now, but it does make things easier than they were when Bailey was fresh out!  It's been a tough couple of months, and I don't know if it will ever not suck being away from mi novio (I've been studying and am officially 1% fluent in Spanish, so I totally have the right to throw in Spanish here and there, right?), but it's whatever because it doesn't really matter that it's tough on us.  What matters is that Bailey is out there doing the right thing, which is serving the Lord.  And I'm right behind him... only 3 months until I can turn in my mission papers!

Shoutout to Grandma for letting me vandalize her wall.  And to sweet Des for being 7 times more adorable that I am.

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