Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Sunday Hike

On my way home from Logan last night I kidnapped Alli for a sleepover involving pomegranates, church, and sandwiches!  After those exciting festivities were through, Seiji drove Kylie, Alli, my mom, and I up Big Cottonwood Canyon for some autumnal adventures!

Even though I just hiked it a few weeks ago, we decided to hike Donut Falls.  I was okay with that - it is such a pretty hike!

Kylie was excited to take her Tevas for their first hiking spin!  Tevas are wonderful things.

We did make it to the falls!  None of us felt like climbing up much higher on it, so we just stayed at the base and got some cute pictures.

The greatest gem that we got, though, was on the way back.  This is seriously the best picture!

It was such a fun day!  I'm so glad that I was able to spend it with some of my favorite people in my favorite place... the woods!

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