Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bailey is in El Salvador!

Good news!  We finally heard news of Bailey's whereabouts!

Last Thursday was his most recent P-day, when we were reminded that Bailey was to be leaving the MTC on September 29th for the bus ride to El Salvador!  Sketchy, right?  There was much fasting and praying for a safe journey (I was relieved to discover that the drive is only about 4 hours long!)  so it kind of sucked that he wasn't able to email right as he arrived.  Faith is a good thing, though, and today Bailey's mission president emailed his family declaring his safe arrival!  (Read it here)  Pictures were also sent so I am one happy lady.  I've missed his face, and him not being allowed a camera in the MTC did not help!

Be sure to keep up on his his mission blog to read his weekly emails and laugh at his mom's witty commentary (it's really no surprise Bailey turned out as hilarious as he is).  I can't wait until Monday because I would assume that's his p-day!  As I patiently wait, though, let me share with you gems from some of his emails and letters over the MTC weeks:

Regarding his different roommates: 8/31/15
"He is really quiet and he always prays for his girlfriend to wait"
"He is a huge Tongan and he always tells everyone I am brown"
"He is from Kaysville and he is the whitest and nerdiest guy in the world.  He always acts like a black guy."
"He is still the closest thing to a caveman I have ever seen!"

"I now know why sisters only serve 18 months.  It's because they kick our butts at teaching and learning.  The sisters in my district do complain and cry a lot though so good luck." 9/6/15

"You know how I told you that all college guys want to do is date and marry?  Even the other missionaries flirt with the sisters and trade emails!  Watch out for missionaries when you are out.  If they ask for your email they are doing some weird missionary flirting!  Try to avoid mission flirting!" 9/8/15

"Our AM teacher is Hermano Jiminez (The Penguin).  He is super great at teaching.  He always calls me "El Chupacabra" in class 'cause I wrote a sentence about a chupacabra" 9/10/15

"Elder Langi had a dream last night about all of us leaving the MTC and going to a club and all the guys were kissing girls and I was laying on the floor drinking and crying 'cause you weren't there!" 9/24/15

Hahaha I do love hearing from my sweet boyfriend!  I'm excited for him as he moves on to actually teaching and living where he was called, because I know he was so excited to get out of the MTC and actually change lives.  I do worry about him in El Salvador, though, but he assures me that I have nothing to worry about!  Nevertheless, please remember to keep all the missionaries in your prayers as they're out doing the Lord's work.

Have a wonderful evening!

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