Saturday, October 3, 2015

Favorites Of The Week

I'm pretty sure I'm the luckiest girl alive!  I don't know why Bailey sends multiple envelopes at a time instead of combining letters, but I'm not going to complain because all the envelopes look so good taped up on my door...

Allie had Ethan and I over to meet their new foreign exchange student teacher from China!  Her name is Mickey (I can't pronounce her Chinese name) and she's about the cutest thing ever.  She taught us calligraphy!

Ethan joined me for my art lecture this week (which turned into an art show) and on our way there we had to stop and spy on Jamba Juice.  We are team Roxberry for sure!
He couldn't believe the techniques of the employee sweeping the floor.

Our poor basement!  "Favorites of the Week" really isn't an applicable title these days, because often things like this are included and I can't say that our basement flooding is one of my favorite things.  I was pretty lucky though - my sewing stuff remains unharmed!

All is well though, because Shakee can comfort us all in our times of sorrow!

Oh how I love the Holmes and their many family gatherings!  Us ladies went out for dinner, bowling, and ice cream for Whitney's birthday, and it was so fun!

There was also a family home evening that involved cake in a cup.  Mmm.

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