Friday, October 9, 2015

Favorites Of The Week

MY ELDER IS SO CUTE!  He finally got his camera back so life is good!  It's fun seeing pictures of his room (but mostly his face) and how he's living.  See more pictures on his blog!

I'm so glad he's been getting my letters!  And that he's wearing the ties I made him teehee.

Cornbelly's with Chanel and Ethan!  Not an activity we would normally pick, but when Thanksgiving Point lets you in for free you might as well.

We had fun and got lost!

All of our friends are out doing important things like going on missions or moving away for college.  And we are... sitting on the side of the road eating bagels.

Ethan has a bad habit of working when he doesn't have to.  Like, when he's not working he still thinks we should go get smoothies at Roxberry, then he starts making them and taking orders and answering the phone.  It's actually pretty hilarious! He tells me that Roxberry is like a vaccum - it is always sucking him back in!  But he loves it!

*Obviously, nothing much happens during my weeks anymore.  That's what happens when I'm in school and when most of my friends have moved away!  So you'll just have to excuse my anti-climactic posts these days.

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