Saturday, October 24, 2015

Overboard Halloween Party (Part 1)

This is a big year!  Why?  Three of my cousins have entered the dreaded Jr. High years!  To celebrate just how horrifying the Jr. High years are (actually just for fun tradition), whenever a grandkid reached the stage, we throw a big Halloween party for them and their friends.  The last one that we did was 5 years ago, when I was in 8th grade!

Now this isn't your everyday kind of Halloween party.... we go all out!  My uncle has a bunch of wooded property (which is generally used for airsoft wars), and all of the adults set up some sort of haunted forest thing.  I was so excited to be on the scaring side this year!

Ambitious Madi was excited about how well the pictures turned out and said, "I'm going to edit these up so creepy and cool!"  Real Madi decided that going to sleep sounded much better, and  slapped them on as is before she went to bed early.
Maybe someday I'll get back to these.

Chanel was also on the other side 5 years ago!  She was a creepy doll tonight.
I mourned over the loss of my long hair for a little while, because it was indeed my scariest feature (last year I really got some kids in the underground tunnels at my old high school.  I'm pretty scary with long hair draped over my face).  But that is okay because I could still go for the creepy child look!  Allie has a super cool and talented friend who did our gory makeup!

My mom had anxiety seeing her daughter look like this!

Everyone looked so awesome in their costumes!  So obviously I had to get lots of pre-party pictures, after all of us "ghouls" ate.

Gypsy Grandma!  She is an expert at giving shockingly accurate readings... as long as social media stalking is done beforehand!  Haha! (Wait, who said that?)

Kylie's character was a victim of a deranged butcher... more pictures of that situation to come!

Haha, Kylie had to eat dinner in a different room because seeing my face all ripped up was too gross and freaky for her!  I don't blame her, it was hard enough to eat myself.  Especially because "bloody" chunks would occasionally fall into my taco soup.  (I guess it all looks the same anyway!)  I was better off than poor Allie, though, who could hardly open her mouth!

To finish up the pre-party, pictures, here is the majority of Seiji's zombie crew!  Haha!

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