Sunday, October 25, 2015

Overboard Halloween Party (Part 2)

Everyone was ready just in time for the party-goers to start showing up!  The majority of us headed to Mike's property to get ready to scare.  I got some more pictures of everyone in their stations, which will be scattered through this post!

Our poor van!  I grew up with this beautiful vehicle, and now this is what has become of it... haha!

Jen has the best witch cackle!  And the best witch hair... good luck combing all that out!

Chanel and Amy had a really creepy corner for their little tea party.  You have to enter by the sign that says "Welcome to Doll Hell"!  Bloody dolls were hanging all over, and doll heads were stuck in the ground on sticks.  Amy and Chanel made super creepy dolls, who just wanted their new visitors to play with them!

Allie was my favorite!  How cool is it that she had a wedding dress?  Her aunt works at a bridal shop, and gave her some dresses that were paid for but never picked up.  Allie stayed in front of this house, but followed all visitors asking, "where is my husband?"

I was on a creaky swing!  I spent the evening screaming in people's faces then singing nursery rhymes.  Also, notice the fake rope burns on my wrists!  A nice touch indeed! #fightingcarpophobia

The butcher shop was definitely a highlight!  Grandpa goes all out to set up a little shop filled with (fake) blood.  It is the most disgusting thing ever!  Haha, Kylie's job for the evening was to lay on grandpa's specially made table (with a hole cut out for her leg to be in, to look like an amputee) and scream while the butcher cuts her up.  And occasionally throw an arm or two at passerbys.

The outside of the butcher shop!

We also had guys in ape costumes lurking around, guys to startle people, and of course a chainsaw here and there.  We had too much fun!  We were reasonable and didn't touch anyone, but we did make some girls cry and one hyperventilate... and I'm actually kind of proud of that.

Until two years from now, Halloween party!  (Except I guess I will be gone... but Bailey can take my place so it's all good.)

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