Saturday, October 31, 2015

What I Did(n't do) on Halloween

Happy Halloween, my friends!

A couple of years ago I realized what a wonderful thing Halloween is.  I mean seriously, an excuse to create/sew anything I want?  And then I get to wear it all day and not even get weird looks?!  (You have to understand, my style used to be not nearly as conservative as it is now.  I would quite often get weird looks.  But I rocked it.)  I swore that I'd never let a Halloween go to waste, because it is just too glorious of an opportunity.

I had a couple of good ideas for Halloween this year.  Kylie and I thought we'd do themed costumes, and we threw around the idea to be elves, Hogwarts students (not our most creative, but we like Harry Potter), the step-sisters from Rodger & Hammerstein's Cinderella (which was my favorite idea), and other things that I already forgot!  But then... my basement flooded and my sewing area was out of order for a month.  And then... it was Halloween... and I spent the day writing a paper and doing other homework.  In my pajamas.

Believe me, I would have been creative if I had the time and motivation.  But school, work, and eating candy corn is really taking up a whole bunch of hours!  And my motivation for just about anything left with a certain flight to Central America (I promise, future Bailey and Madi will have costumes that will knock your socks off).

And those are my reasons for being boring!  I feel like Halloween was last week anyway.  Maybe I'll consider it such - I was being pretty festive with all that liquid latex attached to my face if I do say so myself!  You will be happy to know that eventually I did put on pants, and good old Roxanne made a comeback if you remember her (she waits behind my door every day for a chance to get out).  Seiji, Kylie, Nathan, Luke, and Amy came over and we ate chili before we took the kids out trick-or-treating!

I feel like I've taken quite the jump from one stage to another - it was only a matter of years ago (okay, I guess it was a many years ago) that I myself was trick-or-treating, and I'm already taking kids out to salvage candy from neighbors.  Am I really that old?  Not really, I guess, because the kids aren't my own.  Either way, I'm sure Seiji, Kylie, Nathan, and I looked like a band of unruly teenagers out for a Halloween night of mischief... but dont' worry.  We really were just walking with Kylie's siblings to keep them safe.

I was going to end the evening with more homework, but after much thought I decided not to be boring and joined the crew at Seiji and Kylie's for candy and a movie!

How can I ramble on so much about what I did (more like didn't do) one day, when I can hardly get out a paragraph for a Health paper?
Also, I really look like a turtle in this picture and I think maybe that counts as a costume.

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