Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Day in Logan

Ah yes, time for our monthly Logan trip!  It's been sad that BFF Kylee lives so far away, but at the same time it has been kind of fun because now I have an excuse to go up to Logan every now and then.  Ethan wanted to make sure we visited her at least once a month before he leaves, so today marked our last trip.  How sad!  (That's okay... I'll still go without him hahaha.)

Anyway, you know that a day will be great when it starts with a QUADRUPLE pull through.  Everyone knows that pull throughs are amazing, but when you can find four in a row?!  So worth the extra long walk to get your morning smoothies.

Allie was ready after our smoothie run, so we dashed on over to her house to pick her up!  Then we drove... and drove... and eventually stopped at this adorable honey shop in Logan!  We tasted all of their honey samples and then had to buy some honey.  Mostly because I asked the workers about a MILLION questions regarding honey, so I felt a little bit bad.  But also because really, who can resist such a cute little jar?!

We reached Kylee's dorm after our honey stop, where Eths and I taught everyone how to make yaki udon.  Mmmm.  It was definitely worth smelling like Asian food for the rest of the day!

After lunch we went to the Logan temple.  I'm so glad we finally had the chance to do baptisms there!  It was so pretty.

Wet hair selfie.

It was also important that we finally made it to get some Aggie ice cream.  I've been a fan of their lemon custard ever since I tried it my first year of EFY!

Allie got accepted to USU just this week (yay Allie!!) so we all went on a little campus tour.  Kylee is a great tour guide.  The whole experience got Allie super excited for college!  And I can see why, I mean look at the book robots:

It gets dark and cold super early these days, so we had to spend the rest of the evening indoors.  We explored a large shop on main street (which is a super cute street), and then got dinner at the iconic Bluebird Restaurant.  It was so pretty inside!  The food didn't wow us, but we were starving so whatever.

Do you like how Ethan's quilt was taken everywhere throughout the day?  We just made it this past week, and are pretty proud of it.

We were sufficiently tired by the time we finished eating, so we decided it was time to head back to our own little city.  And we did exactly that.

But what a fun day spent with some of my favorite people!

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