Friday, November 13, 2015

Favorites Of The Past Two Weeks

Eths, Kylie, and I made honey toast!  What is honey toast you may ask?  Basically toasted bread with ice cream.  It's an Asian dessert.  We used cinnamon bread, and it was actually pretty good!
Google "honey toast" one of these days.  Just kidding, don't.  Because then I will be ashamed of how ugly our honey toast is compared to how it is supposed to look.  Which is adorable.  But do you realize how hard it is to find a loaf of unsliced bread?!

Ethan and I decided that we should branch out every now and then and try something other than Costa Vida or Cupbop.  So we hit The Smoking Apple this week, because it was recommended to us by a former seminary teacher.  It was decent!

We also decided to save some money and cooked up some yaki udon.  Three times.  I have to be honest... we make some killer yaki udon...
Really, who am I going to eat with when he's gone?
Bailey update time!  Feel free to be amazed - the boy has been out for less than three months and he is ALREADY an AP (assistant to the president).  So a lot of his time is spent in the offices instead of sketchy places, and I am 100% okay with that.

Bailey with some investigators.  I'm really jealous of them because they get to see Bailey a lot more than I do these days.

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