Monday, November 16, 2015

For the Experience.

"For the experience."

Something I've always lived by.  I've been known to do the strangest and most sudden things (for example, fly across the country with a foreign exchange student I just met a few weeks earlier...that was a good time) and spend questionable amounts of money just for "the experience".

I didn't really have a phrase for it until good old Nathan rubbed the idea onto Seiji.  They both are pretty solitary fellows, but will venture out and do exotic things every now and then just for the experience and I really admire that (if you knew the two, you'd also be impressed!)

I mean, eventually we are all going to die and when we are about to do so I won't be thinking, "man I wish I saved more money as an 18.5 year old", but rather, "man, I'm glad I did all sorts of random strange things as an 18.5 year old".

Wow, that was a long build up.  For the record, I'm pretty awesome at saving money, but my point is that you should always be ready to be a little bit spontaneous.

Last week, Eths texted me about this event that was going to be happening, which he basically described as a 7 course meal with flowers and photographers.  And uh... we freaking love food so we put it to thought.  We waffled a bit because $50 is a steep price for a meal, but we realized that opportunities like such (we were only "invited" because Roxberry was doing the juice) don't come around every day.  So we RSVPd and attended the dinner this evening!

The dinner was held in Mapleton, UT at a really gorgeous old barn used for wedding receptions and whatnot.

The first course was a smoothie and bread, which we ate while we walked around and talked to people.  Well, we were expected to talk to people.  Mostly we just explored because I'm on a constant search for the perfect place for my eventual wedding reception haha.

Eventually it was time to sit down to enjoy the other 6 courses!  Here are pictures of just a few.  We didn't really take the time to get exceptional pictures, because it was like a half hour wait between each course so by the time they came we just wanted to eat, haha.

It was certainly some delicious food!  I wouldn't say I have a necessarily "educated palette" though, because radicchio is some freaking bitter stuff.  Eigghhhh.  Nonetheless, it was all truly artistic.  I kept thinking about Bailey, he would have LOVED this dinner so much (he wanted to be an Iron Chef at one point, you know).  And maybe he would have understood the conversations of the people around us.

I suppose I should talk more about the people!  They were truly the most interesting part of the whole experience!  We knew that we'd be the youngest ones at the event because that always seems to happen, but we didn't realize that people who went to these kinds of things are serious foodies.  I was thinking it would be more like middle aged couples out on a creative date.  But no - everyone was either a food blogger, a food photographer, a chocolate connoisseur, a bakery owner, etc.  We were sitting across from a wine specialist and his wife, and I actually feel quite bad that they had to sit by us and miss out on all of the food talk.  They were super nice though, and I felt pretty old when the wife asked me "what I do for a living".

But really, there were some interesting conversations going on!  I learned a lot, like "to really know if you have good olive oil, you put a shot of it in your mouth, breath in two breaths, then swallow it really quick."  Or my favorite, "you go like this *starts sucking ferociously on hand* and then you know, that you have *dramatic pause* good balsamic vinegar."

An experience indeed, I must say!  My favorite course was the bread pudding because it was swimming about in a substance that tasted much like Duchess hot chocolate, and you can never go wrong with that kind of taste.  Eths and I were both glad that we went, we had lots of fun and feel so cultured now, haha.  Though we decided that next time we should probably just hit Costa Vida.

But I must add that tonight was also a celebration of our friendship, which is primarily based on food.  Eths and I have been food loving friends since fifth grade, and we thought that fine dining would be the most perfect finale to our food-eating habits (he leaves so soon)!  It surely was!

What a good evening!

This is Kambri, she works with Ethan and I like her!

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