Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Cowboy Party!

Let's get back to the reason we went to Vegas!  If you didn't know, Bailey comes from a long line of cowboys.  Bailey himself isn't really one (though he does look good in a cowboy hat), but his parents and brother are.  In fact, his brother Wace is a professional bull rider who is dating Miss Rodeo Utah!  So we went to Vegas because Bailey's family goes every year, to watch the nightly rodeos and party with the other cowboys of the country.  We even got to see Wace's girlfriend (her name is Bailey as well, haha) compete for Miss Rodeo America.  She is so cute!

While Bailey and I were mostly off on our own, exploring the streets of Vegas, we also spent lots of time with his wonderful parents.  We went with them to these things called "Cowboy Christmas"s which are basically just expos selling all sorts of cowboy things.  There's seriously so many vendors, and there were Cowboy Christmases happening in like 12 different places, I swear!  So we didn't go to all of them, but we did go to a couple.  Everything there wasn't really our style, of course, but it was still fun to check out.

Some of them were more interesting (and more large) than others.  Like, at one Bailey got to hold a baby alligator!  Ew!  Cute!

It was so funny being surrounded by so many cowboys.  I was never into the cowboy movement, and never thought that I'd be involved in something so western.  But it has been such a fun experience!  Dating a boy from a cowboy family has really opened me up to a new culture, which is really interesting.  Even if it means having to deal with a cow at his house while everyone is away!

On our last night in Vegas, we (as in Bailey, his parents, a cousin, her husband, and I) went to Fremont Street.  I had never even heard of it, but apparently it used to be the Strip!  It was trashier than the actual Strip, believe it or not.  We spent the evening wandering and watching Lec and his friend troll people.  I'm sure everybody thought they were drunk, but of course they hadn't had anything to drink!  They danced around and got pictures with the weird people dressed up (though I don't know if painting the American flag across your bare boobs counts as "dressing up") and us ladies (and Bailey) just laughed and laughed.

It is no wonder that people would stop us asking to feel Lec's mustache (he's the one dancing in the sweater on the right)

It was a cowboy party indeed.  And very fun!

That concludes my series of Las Vegas posts.  Though the city was absolutely sketchy, I had an absolutely wonderful time.  It was seriously such a fun trip!  I loved being able to spend so much time with Mr. Bailey and his amazing and kind parents.  I feel fulfilled knowing now what Las Vegas is all about (living just a state away, I should know), though just a weekend was plenty enough to see it all.

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