Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Family Party

With Seiji and I getting older, it is time for our growing little family (formerly of 4) to start making our own traditions!  We have decided that on the 23rd of every December, we will have our little Christmas party.  We will do the things we usually would do on Christmas Eve, like playing games and getting pajamas, but we will also open the presents we got for each other since Christmas day gets so busy!

So, as planned, the evening started out with pajamas.  Because obviously you want to change into pajamas even before dinner!  Dad picked them out this year, and let me just tell you he was right - scrub pants are so comfy!  I don't really get what's up with the shirts but they are certainly fun!

We tried getting our yearly picture, but as usual, we failed.  In all of the pictures either Kylie's eyes are almost closed, or the boys don't seem to know what to do with their faces!  Haha!  These have more character anyway.

We ate a delicious meal of mom's homemade meat pie, then it was time to open presents!

You know you're old when you're super excited about getting an iron!  I also got a really nice set of luggage which I'm really excited about.  It's hardshell and blue.  I'm excited to travel with it!

Bailey and I got Seiji and Kylie some novelty soap (their favorite) and a framed picture of one of their wedding pictures.  All of us kids got some new outdoor chairs for mom and dad!

Bailey got an airsoft gun and an electric toothbrush.  He was so excited about the toothbrush, he had to test it out right away!

The rest of the night consisted of eating delicious things and playing games.  I am this year's master of Tetris!

And of course, no Christmas season is complete without working on a puzzle or two.  We have a really hard one this year!

I just love my family!  It's kind of sad that we don't have anything going on tomorrow, but that's okay because celebrating today was super fun.

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