Sunday, December 27, 2015

Asian Invasion: A Christmas Party

Christmas always ends with a party of Asians with my dad's side of the family!

Dinner consists of a soup potluck (always delicious) and is followed by the dish washing ceremony.  If you are patient, though, you will make it to the present opening portion of the evening which is always entertaining!  This year I got a freaking sweet backpack with my name on it, haha.  I'm seriously going to use it!  I just don't know what for yet!

It is always fun to hang out with my quirky little cousins and see what interesting things they're into.  Apparently this year it's all about toasty warm hands in the world of Arissa.  But who could blame her - who hasn't mentioned that they needed handwarmers in the shape of toast, to be heated by plugging into a USB port?

Open fronts as to not inhibit your typing.

One of the girls was also graced with a Polaroid this year, which my dad so mischievously took a picture with.  I would have been upset if that were mine, that film is expensive!  Haha, but I got the picture in the end, so no complaints here.

It was so nice to spend the evening with these lovely people who I really don't see enough.  It was a good ending to the Christmas season!

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