Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day

I guess a white Christmas is always good, but I wasn't expecting this much snow!  It was super stormy last night, and this morning we had a good 7 inches of that white powdery stuff.  So after Christmas breakfast at my grandma's, a shoveling party had to happen!

For some reason, I couldn't resist jumping in the fresh white snow!  Of course, I made Bailey come along with me.  Even though he didn't have any dry pants to change into...heh.

Christmas day ended up not being as busy as we thought it would be!  We ended up sitting around, taking a nap, working on our puzzle, and watching a movie.  I gave Bailey part 2 of his present (part 1 was a new backpack), and I also opened up the present I got for myself.  Oh - matching Converse, how kind of me!

Eventually Seiji and Kylie made it over for the revealing of the stockings.  We dumped them out to find all sorts of treats, and some surprises too!  My parents always make the stockings so fun!

You'll hear a little bit more about Christmas day tomorrow and the next day, but for now that is all because that is the bulk of what we did.  Lot's of hanging around and watching our Netflix fireplace!

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