Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas With the Holmes!

Oh how I love the Holmes!  I'm pretty sure they are the greatest family ever, right next to mine.  They are so welcoming and kind, and always include me in all of their family festivities!

On Christmas Eve Bailey and I didn't really have anything to do.  So we called up Bailey's mom and grandma, and a game party began!  We started a game of monopoly and Bailey and I were kicking butt.  The game went on and on... and all of a sudden it was midnight, the time I would usually head home!  I looked outside and the snow was crazy.  It was almost impossible to see!  Bailey's mom was skeptical of my car's ability to get up that hill to my house (understandably so), so I called my mom and asked, "would you rather me drive home in this snow, or sleep on Bailey's couch?"  Haha, she told me to just stay for reasons of safety, and Bailey's aunt and her boyfriend did likewise (don't worry -aunt Kristy and I slept far away from those boys!)  So a slumber party it was!

We never finished our game... Bailey and I argued over whether he or I would have won, but we decided that we'd just get married in the game and take over the whole world.

I had the great honor of sleeping on the living room couch, right next to the tree in all it's glory!  It was a cozy night's stay, and it was very nice to not have to drive over to Bailey's early in the morning the next day, haha.

Yup, I was over for Christmas morning cinnamon rolls and present opening!  The rolls were delicious and it was fun to watch Bailey open the presents that he picked out for himself, haha.  I was spoiled - Lec and Kim gave me the most beautiful vintage kitchen table!

I'm so excited about this!

And Bailey made me this amazing globe stand!  He also gave me two pairs of shoes, a watch, and an antique looking Book of Mormon.  That butthead (he got me too much!)

Later on Christmas day, all the family gathered for the sibling exchange of gifts.  Bailey and I had Wace and his girlfriend, so we made them some western looking throw pillows.  It was definitely a challenge!  Western isn't our style, so it was hard to know what looked good.  But I think they liked how they turned out!  Joey and Ashley had us, and they made this cute lanterns with pictures of Bailey and I.  I do love pictures of Bailey and I, and what a super fun idea!

So yeah, the Holmes are freaking awesome.  I loved being a part of the festivities of two families this year!

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