Monday, December 28, 2015

Favorites Of The Past 2 Weeks

Being sick is not my favorite thing, but having the sweetest and cutest boyfriend ever is definitely one of my favorites!  I have been sick for a good portion of the break so far, but Bailey has taken good care of me.  He even paints my nails!

We also do cheesy things like put cloves in oranges, just because we are festive.

The cheesiness doesn't stop there!  I started helping Bailey build this super sweet gingerbread house.  I mostly just helped with the foundation and roof before I had to leave for work, but I do say that Bailey finished beautifully.

The gingerbread house party was at Bailey's brother's house.  They just barely moved in and it's already looking completely put together!  I was excited to show up in pants that exactly match Chloe's.  She's so freaking cute!
Too bad you can't actually tell that our pants were the same.

Kylie and Seiji got a new hutch for Christmas!  It was a team effort (well, 5% team effort, 95% Bailey effort) to put together, and it took a really long time, but it was good bonding time and it looks perfect in their house!

Christmas kindness is still in the air!  The day after Christmas our family went to Mi Ranchito.  Instead of getting a bill, we got a message that "Santa Claus" had paid for all of our meals!  Then on our way home us kids were pulled over because one of Seiji's lights went out.  The police officer just informed us of that little problem, then sent us off with candy!  The world is full of nice people, my friends.

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