Thursday, December 17, 2015

Indian Food and Religious Buildings: A Date

Ah yes.  A date! It's been a while since I've been on something officially called a "date", so tonight was fun to plan with Chanel.  She and I decided that it would be lots of fun to go see the lights at Temple Square, because that's what Utahns do this time of year.  And while we are in Salt Lake City, why not get some Indian food?  We brought along our boys, of course, because we like them.

Bailey doesn't like Indian food.  Yet.

After we went to Saffron Valley (which was super good!  Though Ganesh is still my favorite) we took a detour and stopped by the Cathedral of the Madeleine.  We weren't planning on doing so, but as we drove by I insisted that we have to go inside for a look!  I just finished my Art History final today, and as part of it I had to write an essay comparing Gothic and Romanesque cathedrals.  And really, why wouldn't I want to compare in real life as well?

It was so beautiful, and we got there just as a Christmas performance was getting out so we got to explore without looking out of place.  Lucky timing!

We headed over to City Creek parking and walked to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to check out the giant tree and use the bathrooms.

We should have done that all a little bit quicker, because by the time we walked out to see the lights surrounding the temple, they started going out!

I guess it was later than we thought it was!  The lights were literally on for 5 minutes while we were out there, then they were turned off for the evening.  We considered being bummed, but we realized that we have next year and the year after that and the year after that (and so on) to see them.  And we had a super fun night anyway, so no harm done by the lights being cut short!

We finished up our evening with a trip to Smith's to get some festive ice cream, which we ate with our good friend Mochi.  It was a fun evening!

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