Sunday, December 6, 2015

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

At first we were like, "let's not spend tons of money here" but then we were like, "oh whatever, we are in Vegas - let's do whatever we want!"  Whatever we want translated to going to see exhibits, because those are my favorite things ever!

One day I would like to stay in the pyramid named The Luxor.  From the outside, it is pretty freaking sweet.  I love pyramids.  The inside makes it seem a little less cool, but it contains exhibits so I'm a fan.

We got coupons from some guy off the street, and headed to the Luxor in hopes of hitting the Titanic Exhibition (I have a huge thing for the Titanic, mostly because of the hit movie Titanic if you've ever heard of it).  Upon talking to the lady selling us tickets, we learned that we could see both the Titanic Exhibition and Body Worlds for the killer price of $45!  I felt like that was a super good deal, so we took her up on that offer.  But you don't get to hear about Body Worlds until tomorrow, because we only went to one exhibit that night.

They gave us boarding passes with an actual passenger's name and info on the back.  At the end of the exhibit there was a wall listing the survivors and those who weren't so lucky, so we could check up on our boarding pass people.  We both died.

It was such a cool exhibit!  We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, but they took pictures of us at the beginning to green screen haha.

I think those are hilarious!  Okay, so the exhibit was cool.  I enjoyed seeing all of the artifacts, but surprisingly even more, I enjoyed seeing the replicas they built of things.  They went all out!  One of the first parts of the exhibit were the lower bunks.  They created the whole hallway looking exactly like it would have, and there were even ocean noises.  It was actually kind of scary, but so cool!  It looked like that scene where Jack was handcuffed to a pipe and Rose had to come save him.  Minus the flooding.

They also recreated the grand staircase, which looked like the picture right above.  Except for the ghost, I don't think he was there.  That was pretty cool!  I also enjoyed seeing the replica of a first class room - those people were living in style!

One part of the exhibit that was really eerie was a setup they did of the deck.  It was supposed to be the night they hit the iceberg.  We walked through the door, and it was pitch black except for the "stars" we were surrounded by.  We were on a deck, and with the use of mirrors it looked like it went on forever!  We leaned over the side and it was pretty creepy, let me tell you.  I may have jumped several times seeing myself in the mirrors, and been slightly afraid that I'd fall over the side and drown.

In the next room was the iceberg!  Probably not the iceberg, considering this one had glitter in it, but we still enjoyed poking it.

As for the artifacts, they were pretty cool!  What a classy era to live in.  Also, a huge piece of the side of the Titanic has been saved, and we got to see that.

It is so interesting and maybe even a little morbid how glamorized such a tragedy has become, but the wall of survivors and those who died did make me stop and think for a minute about the losses.  Overall, it was a pretty neat experience.  I really recommend stopping by if you go through Vegas!

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Emily Butterfield said...

I LOVE the exhibit of the titanic. It was cool to see all the old things that they used and had. It was so much fun when me and my family went.

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