Friday, December 4, 2015

To Vegas We Go!

To Vegas we go!  Bailey, his mom, his dad, and I are spending this weekend in Las Vegas.  I'm pretty excited about it!  I've passed through it a million times and have even stayed there for a night or two during California road trips, but I have never explored it to see what it's all about!  So when Bailey's parents suggested that we join them for their annual Las Vegas trip (they go for the National Finals Rodeo every years), Bailey and I of course took them up on the offer.  We love road trips!

On our way there, we spent the night at Grandma Katie's in Mesquite.  She is Bailey's dad's mom and she is so sweet!  I loved seeing her house, which was surrounded by desert cacti and succulents (my favorite!) and filled with antiques and interesting knick-knacks (my other favorite!)

We got up early the next day to finish our trek to Las Vegas.  My goal was fulfilled in our first hour there - I wanted a picture by the Las Vegas sign!  Haha it was really kind of Bailey's dad to stop for this.  But I guess we did have time to kill because it wasn't quite time to check into our hotel.  The Hooter's Hotel, to be specific!  Hahaha!

Stay tuned for our fabulous Las Vegas adventures!

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