Friday, January 22, 2016

Favorites Of The Past 2 Weeks

Ah yes.  The life of art (education) students.  I'm so grateful that my homework now only consists of art!  And it is fun that Bailey has art projects here and there that we can spend time on together.

His Pollock inspired piece.

Bailey and I have started going on official weekly dates.  It has been so fun!  This week we drove to Midway for some outdoor ice skating.  It was beautiful outside, and I do love ice skating!

Wedding planning is in full swing!  We've already been wedding dress shopping and here we are bridesmaid/mom dress shopping.  Many ladies can fit in a dressing room!

Bailey and I were just hanging out when his mom brought us a box of scrap paper.  She told us to make a chain counting down to our wedding, so of course we did!

Bailey, Seiji, Kylie, and I went to an event at The Leonardo called "Feast of the Ancient Worlds".  We ate food that specific ancient civilizations would have eaten (there were like 7 different countries)!  It was super cool.  And the food was delicious!  We had to get a picture with the cook.

Bailey never stops surprising me!  After a long night of babysitting, I found this rose on my windshield.  I do love that guy!

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