Friday, January 15, 2016

My Freaking Ring


Really.  Nothing could be more me!  But holy cow, finding the perfect ring is no simple process.  Especially when you are so extremely picky!

For most girls, I think the biggest struggle when ring shopping would be, "oh my gosh I love them all, how could I ever pick?!"  But for me I was like, "holy crap, I hate them all, how will I ever find something that I am okay with wearing for the rest of my life?!"

Really.  Bailey and all of the jewelry salespeople must have been so frustrated with me because I just wasn't going for anything.  I knew what I liked and I knew what I disliked, and unfortunately the "dislike" list was a great deal longer than the "like" list.

So while we were searching the great city of Orem for a reasonable engagement ring, we were also looking online.  My awesome mother was helping us out, and she came across this gem.

I really quite liked it!  But though I'm generally a fan on online shopping, I was hesitant to agree on an engagement ring that I couldn't try on.  What if I hated it in real life?!  So we went to a store location of where it was being sold, and since it was just an online special we asked if they would order it in for me to try on.  So they did!  They said it should be a week and a half to get in, so we were like, "cool, we will keep looking, and in a week an a half we will be able to consider this one."  So we called a week and a half later... and it wasn't in yet.  We called a week later, and it still wasn't in.  Yet another week went by and the ring still wasn't in!  SIX weeks later Bailey called and they said, "oh, uhm... well it looks like it's sold out now, so it probably won't be getting in."

LIKE, WHAT?!  Worst customer service ever!  We swore we'd never talk to them again (but obviously we didn't stick to that).  Anyway, I was bummed because we were completely out of places to look for rings, and ring shopping was stressful anyway.  This ring here was my favorite one I'd seen yet, and it was no longer an option.

Oh, but then like 4 hours later, it was relisted with 9 in stock so that's cool.  We decided not to even wait, and just took the risk to order a ring that I had never seen on my finger before.  So yeah, I knew Bailey ordered this ring last week, but they told us it would be like 4 weeks before it got to us, so I was definitely surprised with how quickly the proposal happened!

Anyway, the moment I put it on I knew that I loved it.  Well, I'm sure I'd love it even if it was ugly, because of the sweet man who gave it to me, but that's not the case here.  I think it is absolutely beautiful!  It fits all of my requirements, which were:

It must be thin
I hate wearing wide bands!  I love dainty bands for their petite look, and also because they don't make my finger feel like it is being suffocated by a snake or something.

It must not be too sparkly
Holy cow, it is all about the glam these days!  Going to the jewelers, you can tell by what was being sold that ladies want a lot of glitter.  It was like, "oh and this ring is a diamond surrounded by diamonds on a band made of diamonds" or "this ring looks like it is made of 20 big diamonds, but it is actually 80 little diamonds spaced strategically to look really freaking sparkly and possibly give people seizures."  I wanted a diamond ring because of it's indestructible qualities, but I don't love the glitz of them.  So brown diamonds it was!  I love that I have the unique, tame brown diamonds, but still the traditional white diamonds surrounding.

It must be rose gold
I'm not digging the white gold trend, and the yellow gold still looks a little dated to me.  I love the rich hue of rose gold, and think that it works better with my skin than anything else anyway.

And it must be unique!
I mean, it must be unique if it freaking took this long to find.

Anyway, there's my rave about my ring which I love so much.  I am totally okay with wearing this ring on my finger for the rest of forever, and definitely okay with never stepping into a jewelry shop again!

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