Saturday, February 20, 2016

Favorites Of The Past Month

The past month has consisted of lots of babysitting!  Bailey is really helpful when I run out of things to entertain the kids with.  He taught one of them to make worms with clay, and the another how to make rocks!

We took the two little kids to Smith's with us for some grocery shopping.  The checkout lady must of thought we were a struggling young couple with little kids to feed, because she gave us tons of coupons!  Haha!

Bailey, his niece Chelsie, and I, went to Bailey's house one evening to find Bailey's mom tying ribbons and pillows onto a toy truck.  Turns out, she was making a contraption to help little Copeland walk (she hasn't been able to lately)!  We had to stick around for the results... which were unfortunately unsuccessful.
Sorry, bad picture.  You'll just have to imagine it!

I just have to document all of the sweet things Bailey does for me!  Like doorbell ditch me hot chocolate and a blanket when I babysit late into the night.

Or get me the most beautiful flowers for Valentine's Day...

Or even when I just go to a dreaded doctor's appointment!

Needless to say, I love this guy!  I couldn't be more blessed.  I can't wait to marry him in just a few months!
It was warm enough outside to walk to the cemetery!

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