Sunday, February 21, 2016

Singing With The Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Today I got to sing with the Mormon Tabernacle choir!  Only the best choir in the world, I'll have you know.  Except it's really not that impressive that I got to sing with them, because I was chosen based off a picture of my face and was told to just mouth the words if I'm not confident in my singing.  Oh the joys of being Asian in the heart of a worldwide church that tries to portray itself as such!

So even though it was just to add color, I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to sing with the MoTab today!  The church is working on an Easter campaign (they always release a special video for Easter) consisting of a giant performance of Handel's Messiah!  The idea is that us commoners were picked up off the streets to join in singing praises all together.  Of course, we had rehearsals and everything so it wasn't that spontaneous, but you know.

Filming took FOREVER, but not any longer than I expected it to.  There was a lot of waiting, sitting, standing, and laying across the pews of the Tabernacle (leaving home at 6am to make call time really wears you down).  But it was a good experience!

Also, I didn't expect this because the last I knew she was in England, but I saw my old choir teacher Ms. Nudd!  I was placed on the stand, and I looked down my row only to see her at the very end of it!  We were excited to see each other, and made sure to find time to catch up and get a picture.

I also made friends with other choir members and extras, so I wasn't bored!

So yeah.  Watch for me in the upcoming LDS Easter video!  And pause every 5 seconds or so, because if you get a really good magnifying glass you may be able to find me haha.

And join the chorus!  The whole theme is "virtual choir" so they need videos of people singing from wherever they are (in their house, on a bike ride, walking to school, etc.) to play alongside the actual choir/extra micture.  I'll leave the link here so you can do that!  before March 1st!

*Note: for the record, I did sing even though I didn't have to.  How could you not - it was Handel's Messiah!

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