Saturday, March 12, 2016

Favorites Of The Past Few Weeks

The wedding is drawing near!  Bailey and I had fun registering at Target.  Though it was kind of stressful having to think of everything we might need!  Oh well.  People don't even look at registries anyway, do they?

Us ladies have started a weekly craft night!  Our beginning craft was to make a collection of ties, which was probably too much for just one night haha.  But we had lots of fun!

Alas.... my time at Thanksgiving Point has ended.  Times at The Point are changing, and with the eminent destruction of the sign room and our slowly diminishing workload, Chanel and I decided to sadly leave before they awkwardly have to kick us out.  But not without a final picture in our cosmic latte colored room with our favorite picture that we found behind a filing cabinet!  I truly enjoyed my time at Thanksgiving Point and really do hope to return someday.

We love getting new plants!  Bailey's aunt Kristy got this one for us when we went to pick out our wedding flowers.

I absolutely love my ceramics class!  I'm no good at anything in it, but the class is making me rethink my photography emphasis.  There's just no greater joy than bringing home and drinking from a mug you threw on the wheel and glazed!

Bailey and I had a one day obsession with making cute bento box lunches.  Turns out, though, we eat way more for a meal than one can fit in those little bins.

Family dinner is always fun with the Holmes!  I can't wait to be one of them!

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