Saturday, March 19, 2016

Favorites Of The Week

It was spring break this week!  Bailey and I didn't have tons of free time because we still had to work a lot, but we did take a day to have fun!  Like going to Red Iguana for lunch, shopping in Salt Lake City, and stopping by the very strange Gilgal's Garden.

Us ladies got a little extravagant with craft night and whipped out over 80 bath bombs!  We thought it would only make about 30... but no complaints here!
Uh...let us know if you need any bath bombs...

All of the bridesmaid dresses have been located!  They were a bit hard to find as spring colored dresses are only now starting to come in, but I'm pretty proud of how they all look together.

Seiji, Kylie, Allison, Bailey, and I went on an adventure!  We drove all the way to Delta to see the new Topaz Internment Camp museum.  It was actually super cool!  It's not quite done yet, so they had an art exhibit of pieces created in the camps.  That was pretty interesting to see!

We thought we may as well check out the site while we were out!  It's a shame it's all been taken down, but it was still cool to see all the foundations and things that are left.

As Japanese Americans, it is pretty humbling to see where we could have ended up if we lived just 70 years ago!

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