Saturday, April 23, 2016

Favorites Of The Past Few Weeks

KESS IS HOME!  You wouldn't believe how happy I am that this amazing lady is back in Utah.  I missed her more than I even knew, I started bawling the moment I saw her!  So don't mind our teary faces haha.

I got to spend a whole day with my good pal Desmond!  He and I went on a little adventure to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens.

He was hesitant to smell or even get close to the flowers.  He told me that, "bees will come out of the laffadills and sting my nose!"

It's bridal shower time!  The Holmes threw me the cutest party and everyone was so generous.  Bailey and I definitely feel showered with love and generous gifts!  After each present with a bow, someone put the bow on my head and at the end Bailey had to give me a kiss for each bow that was piled upon me.  Apparently it's some old tradition?

My mom, grandma, and aunt Jen also threw me a shower which was so fun!  We tied a quilt and ate a variety of salads.  So many people showed up, I was grateful for all of the support!

Other than finals, wedding planning/prep really is taking over my life.  It's fun, but I'm ready for all the hubbub to be over!  Haha, here we are scraping labels off of soda bottles because they are just prettier without them.

And here we are visiting the place where we will soon be wed!  We had just picked up our marriage license across the street, so we thought we may as well stop by.  What a beautiful temple!

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