Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My Bailey Is All Grown Up!

Just kidding.  Though Bailey may be turning 19 today, I don't know how grown up a man can be if, instead of cake, he requested that his mom makes "worms and dirt" (crushed Oreos in pudding with gummy worms on top).

Though I guess his obsession with golf ages him a few years.  Do you like his new golfing attire?

The pudding was good, but I wasn't sure about the worms.  The textures didn't really go together, in my opinion.

To celebrate the birth of this amazing man, I bought him a super cute bike!  Mostly because I want him to go on bike rides with me haha.  He and I packed a lunch of Greek pitas and went on a ride to a park with a creek for a picnic.  It was lots of fun!

I just love this man of mine!  I'm blessed to have been dating him for over a year now, and I look forward to an eternity of birthdays with him.

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