Saturday, April 30, 2016

Single Saturday

Alas, my last Saturday of being a single woman!  Well, I guess I'm not technically single because I do have a significant other, but I am indeed not married.  Not much to celebrate, in my opinion, because I'd much rather be married, but it's still a good excuse to go hang out with the ladies!

So while Bailey was out with his man friends this morning (they went camping!), us girls went to the Tulip Festival.  Oh my goodness I've never seen the gardens so packed!  It was insanely busy but we had lots of fun.  It was so beautiful!

 As you do in a garden, we walked around for a while.  At the festival they bring in food trucks and vendors, so we ate Cupbop on the grass and bought some European candy!

Speaking of Europe, did you notice that SIMONE IS BACK IN AMERICA!  She just flew in last night for the wedding.  I am so blessed to have such an amazing friend, and I'm so grateful that she could make it here!  I just love her!

After the Tulip Festival, Kess, Simone, and I met up with Bailey for some Salt Lake City adventures.  We went to the Nihon Matsuri (Japanese Festival) put on by the Buddhist church.  It was interesting, but not really super interesting.  Just super crowded!  I'm glad we checked it out, the taiko drumming was cool, but I don't think I'll ever go back.

Simone needed to pick some things up from City Creek, so we dropped her off there (sketchy) while we went to take Allie's prom group pictures in the International Peace Gardens.  We got there earlier than them, so we walked around and scouted out some good picture taking places!

 Eventually they showed up... and this is how their pictures turned out...

Haha just kidding, a lot of them actually turned out really nice.  They all looked great and it was fun to spend time taking their pictures!

After we left the gardens we picked up some food for Bailey and ice cream for us girls, then we found Simone.  By then we were exhausted, so we called it a day!  And a fun one too!

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