Sunday, May 1, 2016


I guess it is about time to show you all my wedding dress!  Utah Bride & Groom posted an article about it last week, so all the secrets are spilled anyway.  See our post here.

As the post said, I made my dress out of a shirt I found in Las Vegas!  What they took out was that it was from H&M, and from the clearance section.  I paid a whole $15 for it.  I'm proud of that.  They also took out all of my Tolkien references, but I might survive.

Making my dress was pretty easy, mostly because I didn't have to start from scratch.  I did have to do something about the horrendous pirate sleeves, and the fact that the shirt (which I actually think was technically a dress) only reached as far down as my shortest cross country spandex.  Luckily, our first stop at Jo-Ann's resulted in a fabric that matched the top perfectly.  Even better, it was pajama material.  I'm seriously one comfy gal in this getup.

Anyway, I get married in a mere two days!  Exciting!  Make sure you all stop by our reception for some quality pie and Italian sodas.  I'll get you in the wedding mood with these beautiful pictures done, again, by our amazing photographer Heather Ellis.  We are so happy with how they turned out, and highly recommend Heather!  Working with her has been a dream!

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