Monday, May 2, 2016

Well, Homies...

It's time to say goodbye to this blog.  It's had a good run, and I'm sad to leave it, but it's time.  Time for people to stop coming across super embarrassing things that I posted near the beginning of this blog's life.  And time for whatever this weird stormy background thing is to end.

Tomorrow I start a new life!  High school is over, and most of the friends I made there are somewhere on the other side of the globe.  College has begun, and I've had to learn to be a bit of an adult.  I'm grateful that I've documented the fun times I've had, but what I'm most grateful to have documented is the story of Bailey and I.  This blog has documented our friendship, our dating months, Bailey's mission months, and finally, it documented through our engaged months.

Though our story has already begun in some way, we start an eternity together tomorrow.  Eternity is too much to cram onto this poorly designed blog, so Bailey and I will be recording our happy forever on a new (still poorly designed for now) site:

So this isn't really a goodbye!  Just the end of an era.  And the beginning of our adventures as husband and wife.

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